As a mutual – together we’re stronger

Our mutual and membership continues to grow and develop – not only in size (a 13% increase in membership this year) but in the opportunities for members to have a say.

This year brought the biggest opportunities for members since the mutual began – their vote counted in the recruitment of our new Chief Executive.

Recruiting our new Chief Executive

In May 2-18, Mike Owen announced his retirement and the search began for our new Chief Executive who would take us on to the next chapter of our journey.

In keeping with our mutual ethos, the recruitment process was designed by the Democratic Body and the Board and they, together with our members, recruited our new Chief Executive.


Stage 1

General interview with a panel of Board members and Democratic Body representatives

Stage 2

A technical interview with a panel of Board members and Democratic Body representatives to ensure that the candidates had the right skills, knowledge and expertise. (40%)

A values-based interview with a panel of Board members and Democratic Body representativesto ensure that the candidates had the right values and beliefs in line with our mutual. (40%)

A short recorded presentation by each of the final 4 candidates, scored by members (20%)

Over 120 members took the time to engage in this process – we can honestly say that our members voting for who they want to lead our mutual was a truly democratic process.

The Democratic Body approved the appointment by the Board of the new Chief Executive, and we were delighted to welcome Michelle Reid as our new Chief Executive in April 2019.


The Board and Democratic Body have continued to work in partnership with the Executive Management Team to ensure the continued good governance of MVH. Together they have worked on key activities, including setting out the rents for 2018/19, setting the budget, and have looked at the way we procure goods and services to ensure that we are continuing to achieve good value for money. They have held joint strategic planning sessions with the Executive Management Team to look at the risks that we face and the opportunities that we have to develop our mutual. We are all working together to find the best way forward for our mutual.

As well as appointing the Chief Executive, the Democratic Body have appointed two Non-Executive Directors to the Board during the year making sure that as well as having the right skills and experiences, the successful applicants have the right values and beliefs.

The decisions being made and the collaborative working between the Board and the Democratic Body are testament to our mutual ethos. We were pleased to have received the highest rating in our annual Welsh Government Regulatory Judgement in December 2018 – achieving ‘Standard’ Co-Regulation Status for both Governance and Services and Financial Viability.

You can find our more about the Board and Democratic Body’s activities in our Value for Money Statement and the Report to Members.

You can find out more about who sits on our Board and Democratic Body in the Financial Statements

Supporting people

We continued to invest in our employees

5 members of our trades teams were appointed to multi-skilled operative positions and will complete the NVQ Level 2 in Building and Maintenance.

We appointed our second female apprentice, she is training to be a carpenter 14 employees gained a professional qualification in their respective area.

We launched “Happy Me” – our employee wellbeing initiative which promotes and supports wellbeing.

Our gender pay gap is -3.4% - women’s median pay is higher than men’s. This is because 95% of males work in our trades teams, which sit within our lower mid quartile. We are confident men and women are paid equally when completing the same or comparable jobs.

membership 2

Using technology to build better services for tenants

In April 2018, we went fully live with our in-house Customer Relationship Management system (CRM).We’ve been able to make lots of changes, improving efficiency and the services we provide to tenants. For example, 3 enhancements were to improve the information provided to Contact Centre staff so that they can respond more quickly when on calls with tenants.

We made 18 enhancements to the repairs module to make the process more efficient. We added features for tenancy profiling and audits which help us improve our service to tenants. We couldn’t have delivered these things if we still had our old system.